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Q. Does recharging/remanufacturing my toner or drum cartridge really save me money?

A. In most cases it will save you a significant amount of money. Let's look at a popular toner cartridge we recharge: the HP LaserJet 4+ toner cartridge. This cartridge retails for about $149.00. If we recharge this cartridge, we only charge $75.00. This is a savings of $74.00! What this does is effectively cut your printing costs in half and your cost of ownership of the printer is significantly reduced.


Q. What if I have a printing/copying system that has a separate drum unit and a toner unit? Can I still recycle and save money?

A. In most cases, the drum units can be rebuilt and you can save money here. For the toner cartridges in these machines, mostly you are paying for the toner and their isn't much money added for the case it is in. Most of these cartridges can be refilled or you can purchase generic toner kits and save money.


Q. Will using a recycled toner cartridge void my warranty on my printer or copier ?

A. This is a popular question. According to the Magnusson Moss Warranty Federal Trade
Commission Improvement Act, Subparagraph C, Section 101, no manufacturer can legally require you to purchase supplies exclusively from them. If you purchase a remanufactured cartridge or recharged your old one from a quality remanufacturer, it should perform exactly or the same or better than the original and it will not void the warranty.


Q. Will using a recycled cartridge damage my machine ?

A. A toner cartridge that has been properly remanufactured will not cause any damage to your printer or copier. If you are using Inkwell Toner Recharge, you have an equal or greater chance that this will occur from a brand new cartridge since we test All of the cartridges before they go out. We are usually able to offer even better quality than the original manufacturer because of the technology that has evolved in our industry. Replacement parts and toner have been improved in quality and are made to last longer.


Q. Will my cartridge last as long as the original?

A. Your cartridge will usually last an average of 20% longer if you recharge your cartridges with us. Believe it or not, the original manufacturer doesn't fill their cartridges up to full capacity. We put in an average of 20% or more toner than the original manufacturer. You are not just saving money buy having your cartridges recharged but you are also saving money because they last longer.


Q. How many times can my cartridge be recharged?

A. That is a hard question to answer. It depends on the type of cartridge and how you use it. In theory, most can be remanufactured forever. Any worn parts (such as drums and wiper blades) can be replaced. Even the outside shells can be replaced for most cartridges. Typically though you can expect at least two dozen refills.


Q. Why Should You Recycle?

Recharging toner cartridges can save you up to 50% off the cost of a new cartridge ! Recharged toner cartridges are filled with more toner than new cartridges adding up to even more savings.